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Weʼre raising as much money as possible for the AMAR Foundation, The Passage and the The 18 Keys project, run by the St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust.

This is a very special year for the Authors Cricket Club as it enters its tenth year. To celebrate, we are making a fuss one of our very special teammates. Tom Holland, despite what he might imply on Twitter, is not an elite cricketer. Nor is he Spiderman. But he has been a stalwart of the side for a decade now, the kind of longevity which leads players in the pro ranks to be granted a benefit year.

What’s a benefit year, you ask? Well, let us explain. Benefit or testimonial years started in the nineteenth century and were designed to help cricketers, whose pay packets did not amount to very much and whose careers would typically end around the age of 40, give themselves a nest egg. It is normal for beneficiaries to pocket the bulk of the proceeds from their benefit year, but that’s not what’s happening here. Tom has decreed, emperor-like, that all monies raised, every single penny, will go to three charities close to his heart, the AMAR Foundation, the 18 Keys Project run by the St-Martin-in-the-Fields Trust and The Passage.

We will be running a series of events and auctions over the course of the year and you can keep in touch with it all through the @AuthorsCC Twitter account. Which will give you the added bonus of seeing exactly how Tom is faring on the pitch.